UniFi's Talk Platform Phones

VOIP Upgrade!

Legacy (History) Jan 10, 2021

During the deployment of 3CX in my lab, I'd had all kinds of issues with calls being dropped, getting blacklisted from my SIP provider, etc. So I thought it was time that I upgrade my SIP/PBX setup.

I shopped around a bit, and decided ultimately that I wanted to stick with the same equipment manufacturer that I'd been using for my other network appliances. UniFi has Talk in their early access platform, and of course I was invited!

The UniFi Talk Dashboard

Having access, I purchased a couple phones, and a CloudKey G2+ for controlling them. Not shabby! Integrates with my current SIP provider, and works like a charm! Couple hiccups along the way, but I figured them out as I went.

The two phones I purchased, Flex on the left, UVP-Touch on the right.

And of course I tried to mod these too! But I wasn't able to get anywhere sadly...

Ubiquiti actually locks down their hardware, so sideloading was blocked, and firmware uploading was blocked as well...

Darn! So close!



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