Jank networking, nice.

Now that's what I call homelabbing!

Legacy (History) Jan 2, 2019

Nice Rack Bro

A friend of mine who worked in IT messaged me in regards to selling a full-height 43u rack. I had absolutely no idea what I'd do with it, but part of me said do it.

Convincing my parents to let me put a 6ft+ metal rack in the basement wasn't the easiest of tasks, but I pulled the "puppy eyes" trick and got a yes out of mom.

I coordinated getting it "delivered" via my friend's dad's minivan and $100 later I slapped it in my basement and started loading it up.

Now, I hadn't purchased any rack-mountable hardware yet, but luckily it came with a shelf and some rails, so I of course I slapped that Inspiron 580 on it!

I love how I put the cable modem on the top, the cable wasn't long enough 😅

I also zip-tied an 8-port switch to the side! Gotta have networking right?

Bonus points if you can see what's coming next 👀

Getting that rack marked the beginning of an era for me, and I'll never forget the day I smiled as they hauled it down those steps... Unforgettable...



IT Specialist, Otter enthusiast, Plastic Guitar Aficionado | 🏳️‍🌈 | 22

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