Look mom! No rack ears! Totally safe!


Legacy (History) Aug 1, 2019

Replaced the TP-Link "dumbswitch" with an HP Procurve 2448 to allow for future VLAN implementation as well as add SFP fiber ports for future upgrades.
(Future Proofing?)

The new switch post-deployment (No rack ears, so I zip-tied it to a shelf)

Picked up the switch, as well as some older Cisco hardware from a friend who works as a DoD contractor. Super nice guy, just wanted to get rid of the hardware.

He also gave me a super neat NetApp shelf, 14 bays of hard drive expansion, and some fiber-optic HBAs + modules to hook it up to a server.

The NetApp DS-14 MK2 Shelf

I personally never could figure out how to use any of it, but it was fun to mess around with and experiment!

The HBA's


Phoenix J. Shepherd

IT Specialist, Otter enthusiast, Plastic Guitar Aficionado | 🏳️‍🌈 | 21

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