Look mom! No rack ears! Totally safe!


Legacy (History) Aug 1, 2019

Replaced the TP-Link "dumbswitch" with an HP Procurve 2448 to allow for future VLAN implementation as well as add SFP fiber ports for future upgrades.
(Future Proofing?)

The new switch post-deployment (No rack ears, so I zip-tied it to a shelf)

Picked up the switch, as well as some older Cisco hardware from a friend who works as a DoD contractor. Super nice guy, just wanted to get rid of the hardware.

He also gave me a super neat NetApp shelf, 14 bays of hard drive expansion, and some fiber-optic HBAs + modules to hook it up to a server.

The NetApp DS-14 MK2 Shelf

I personally never could figure out how to use any of it, but it was fun to mess around with and experiment!

The HBA's



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