I don't think towels are going to stop the water this time...

Catastrophic Failure...

Legacy (History) May 17, 2020

And I thought everything was just perfect... Until....

I was over at my boyfriend's house when I had been notified that my basement (The location of the server rack) was slowly flooding with water that had built up from the non-stop rain we had been getting that week.

The water slowly creeping up towards the rack, too close for comfort 😬

In response, I immediately returned home and started removing all of my equipment in an effort to save it from liquid exposure.
As a result, I practically ripped the equipment out yanking cabling and scattering everything, leaving the lab in complete chaos and completely unfunctional.

The carcass of what was left of the lab post-equipment removal.

I struggled to get a feasible internet connection using the little equipment I had, but I managed to hack together a 10/100 Wireless N router with DD-WRT on it to patch into our modem downstairs to provide internet for my parents and I.

As for my lab, I had some serious work to do to bring it back into service after we corrected the flooding issue...



IT Specialist, Otter enthusiast, Plastic Guitar Aficionado | 🏳️‍🌈 | 22

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