That looks like a proper lab!

Bringing things back to normal

Legacy (History) May 19, 2020

After lengthy planning and strategizing, I had a plan.

Most, if not all, of the patch cables I ran inside the rack connecting the servers to the switch, and connecting the other devices to the network were either ruined, destroyed, or just unfit for reinstallation.

All of the equipment somehow survived, including all the servers, spare networking equipment, and the electrical wiring and circuitry for the rack.
I had to make a decision in regards to how I wanted to re-run, cable, and manage the patch cables on the rack that would be more efficient and cost-effective than last time.

The servers in my Livingroom during "the flood"

I decided that I would purchase patch cables off Amazon, (Roughly $17 for 10 10ft Cat-5e, and $15 for 10 1ft Cat-5e) and also invest in a label printer to label every cable for disassembly/reassembly purposes.

The new wiring and tools

After rewiring the rack, labeling everything, and ensuring cables were secured in a neat and orderly fashion, I was able to effectively bring the lab back to functioning order.

Rack keystone labeling

I'm personally pretty happy with how it came out, I now know where each keystone jack goes, the cables are grouped by function and are labeled at each end.

Good as new! Back to normal!

Also, that label printer is pretty cool IMHO, totally worth the investment. It prints literally anything and has so many presets.



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