Phoenix-Blade #1, Because you have to plan for expansion, right?

Baby's First Enterprise Server

Legacy (History) Jan 9, 2019

Shortly after purchasing that rack, I had already ordered a Dell Poweredge R410 from a seller off eBay to start off with. My very first server!

I was anxious, so I had it shipped to my mom's work, I had this wild thought in my head that they wouldn't ship to a residential address because it was a business product. Not sure where I got that idea from, but regardless it arrived!

With a measly 12GB of RAM, an Intel Xeon E5620, and a 500GB HDD I picked up the same day from Micro Center to work with, I had to be very selective with what I ran as to not run out of resources!

It also had iDRAC 6.0 which allowed for remote management, yay for not having to go downstairs anymore!

I was able to migrate the Nextcloud instance data over to a fresh install, as well as make a Debian VM, and start a Windows Server VM, but that was my max. For now.

I continued to run the older Dell Inspiron tower for core services like routing, DNS and VPN access below the R410.

I also acquired some rack-hardware like a keystone panel and a shelf for connecting to drops I had added throughout the house. Nothing like ethernet in every room!

Got to love my creativity when it came to putting things on a rack.

I also rack mounted a display for use with the keyboard shelf below. Looking sick!

A KVM-like console, nice! Fun-fact, I found that display in a dumpster.

I also got my first piece of Ubiquiti equipment! An AC-AP Lite! I installed it in our Livingroom closet and put in a drop to go with it!

My first Ubiquiti AP!

I used that Debian VM to host the controller software using a really nicely made installer script I found on Ubiquiti's forums. Still works IIRC!



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