The crown... In all of it's 3D-printed glory.

3D Printing Technology

Legacy (History) Dec 1, 2020

For a while, I'd been thinking about investing in a 3D printer of some sort, and after discussing with some colleagues I decided on an Ender 3 Pro.

The Ender 3 Pro, with Wyze Camera for timelapses.

It's a solid budget-printer with all the features I wanted straight out of the box. Offering a removable flexible print-bed, and just enough print-area.

I set it up to be operable via OctoPrint hosted on the workstation next to it on the workbench. I can effectively control it from anywhere, as well as record timelapses of my prints.

OctoPrint's Web GUI

Getting a stable baseline was tricky, but after tons of troubleshooting, I have a solid 3D-printing device for use in the lab, whether it be printing parts, or fun little toys.

The highly praised Domino Crown from late 2000's Roblox



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