Out with the old.. And in with the new!

New platform, same ideas:

PhoenixNet-Labs Nov 9, 2021

I began publishing my work on PhoenixNet (Now PhoenixNet-Labs) in 2020 by building everything painstakingly by hand using Bootstrap templates and raw-HTML. It's time to grow up and catch up with the times...

Did you know that the legacy site is over 750+ lines? I never did break 1,000 :(

Now, I've decided to take PhoenixNet-Labs to the next level and automate all of that and get down to the brass tacks. Avoid all the heavy-lifting of writing, testing and publishing and jump straight to write ➡ publish.

From this point forward, I'll be using Ghost to publish the work I produce in my lab. Hopefully, this way I can push out even more information, in a more friendly format, regardless of device, screen-size and browser.

Ghost's Administration Panel

I'm very new to Ghost, I've had a few acquaintances use it, (ex. GlitchFur) and from what I saw, I figured It'd be a great replacement. It has tons of themes, customizability, and it's 100% open-source and free.

GlitchFur's blog, also written on Ghost

But what about the "OG" PhoenixNet.tech website?

In the coming weeks, I'll be re-publishing previous articles from the "history" tab on the original site here to preserve the data, and then ultimately removing the tab from the site.

I plan to also expand upon those articles with even more information than previously published before. There were so many things I wanted to share but I just felt that there wasn't enough room on the page, or that it was just too much.

Now that each pin on the timeline will have it's own page, I don't feel so bad about dumping all the fine details!

Eventually, I'll be phasing the legacy site out entirely, but for now I've decided to keep the front page because it still does exactly what I want it to do in an effective manner.

That's it for now, stay tuned 👀
There's tons more to come...



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