More Ubiquiti Equipment!

Network Infrastructure Upgrades!

Legacy (History) Jan 1, 2020

Swapped out the old HP Procurve 2448 for a Ubiquiti Switch 24 to keep the network Infrastructure mostly Ubiquiti hardware. More "unified" in a sense

The UniFi 24 port switch, fresh out of the box.

I picked up a Dell R710 from someone my dad found on Facebook Marketplace who works at VMware, super nice guy, he just gave it away! Fully loaded with 128GB of RAM, dual Xeon X5670's and 12TB of Seagate Constellation SAS drives!

Again with the blurry photos, OnePlus how I hated your cameras...

He had an interesting condition though, I had to take ALL of his hardware, he had a few more older Dell PowerEdge servers and an HP KVM I could probably find a use for.

I absolutely cashed in on the opportunity to make a connection, and connected with him on LinkedIn!

Switched ISP's to AT&T for their fiber Service promising 1000/1000 (Full Duplex) speeds. Required install of the ONT pictured below-
Effectively dumping Charter Spectrum's crappy asymmetrical 400/11 (Down/Up)

I also joined the RIPE NCC foundation's probe program! Allowing me to help with research conducted in Europe relating to foreign application service quality!

The probe, and it's accessories.

Effectively you host a node, other RIPE NCC members ping your node, and you receive tickets as a reward. Those tickets can be used to ping other nodes to determine latency in other locations to your services.

Ripe NCC's Atlas Portal



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