PhoenixNet-Labs v1

A new hope...

PhoenixNet-Labs Oct 1, 2021

Things are looking up for me, and I'm in a comfortable place to share how things are going again...

After the events that took place in April, I took it upon myself to rapidly accelerate my personal growth. I got a car, I moved out, and I got my first real IT job all in a few months time.

My first car, the Shepmobile!

It's been really hectic for me, trying to adapt and change my habits. Hosting things costs money now, regardless of how I do it. And with that, I've learned to work as compactly as possible. Containerize, claim free credits, etc. Anything to keep costs down.

The company I work for is very small, which gives me room to spread my wings a little and learn things at my own pace. I have my own lab at work as well as at home, so that's a plus. I'm able to run things at work that I can use to better my company, and run things at home that I can benefit from. This considerably splits up the load and reduces what I have to host personally.

The beginning of "PhoenixNet-Labs"
The "work lab" consisting of 2 OptiPlex 3040's and 1 OptiPlex 3050, all running ESXi and various Windows Server 2019 VMs.

I've also taken some time to move certain things into the cloud that I've run on-premises previously. My entire AD infrastructure is now on Azure via AzureAD and Microsoft Office 365. I've also started backing up my NAS to Backblaze to keep consistent automated backups. And finally, I've also started experimenting with free credits to host small VMs like my UptimeKuma Status page.

Office 365's Admin Center

That was alot to share, but there's certainly more to come! I look forward to continuing PhoenixNet as PhoenixNet-Labs, and to continue building the story of PhoenixNet.



IT Specialist, Otter enthusiast, Plastic Guitar Aficionado | 🏳️‍🌈 | 22

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